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June, 2017
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June, 2017
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Wed. June 7 from 9:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. The 7th and 8th Grade Confirmands will attend with Pastor and Vicar.

Our new Organist, Choir and Bell Choir Director

Evan Bellas will be our new organist, choir and bell choir director beginning June 4th. (June, 2017 - May, 2018 and may continue to serve until August 2018)

In college, Evan majored in Sacred Music, and he is currently working on a Master's degree in "Organ" at O.U.

This fall consider joining the choir! Welcome Evan!


  1. The annual Vicar Roast for our Vicar Eric Bednash will be Sunday July 16 at 12:00 noon and we will honor him that day with gifts and special presentations. He will return to the seminary for his 4th year.
  2. Our next vicar will be Keith Kettner from Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN. He is age 24, single, comes from Jacobs, IL. He will arrive on July 21 and will be installed on July 23. There will also be an Ice Cream Social at 6:30 p.m. on July 23 in his honor.
  3. Our former Vicar Eric Rudsenske received a call to Jackson, TN.
  4. Our former LCMS-U OU student and seminarian Kurt Cockran and his wife Emily received a call to Arizona. Another LCMS-U OU student Jill Bisig, is married to seminarian Marcus Williams who received a call to Montana.

May God bless these men and their wives as they serve our Lord Jesus and his church! It is amazing the impact our former Vicars and LCMS-U OU students are having throughout the LCMS!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Vacation Bible School is Sunday, July 16th - Thursday, July 20th.

VBS is from 6 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. with a dinner for all families and volunteers at 5:15 p.m. Kids ages 3 yrs old to just completed 5th grade are invited to a Mighty Fortress, where they will learn that in Jesus, the victory is won! VBS is a fun filled week with music, games, bible lessons, crafts, and so much more. Friends, family, and neighbors are welcome and encouraged to attend. VBS is a mission outreach to our community.

We also need volunteers to make this week possible. If you have a desire to teach kids about Jesus Christ our Savior, we can use your help. All volunteers need to be 6th grade or older. There will be a VBS volunteer training on Wednesday, June 14th at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Volunteer or register at the table in the church narthex or online at If you have any questions contact Director Beth Brown call or text 405-250-6579 or


Pastor will be on vacation:
In Texas: June 2-6
In Colorado: June 29 to July 14

Vicar will be here for Sundays June 4, July 2, & 9 while Pastor is out of town.

Vicar will be on vacation June 17-24.

Call Greg if you'd like to be on our team! Spectators are always welcome too! They play on Friday evenings at Reeves Park.


At the Voters Meeting on Sunday April 23rd, a beginning proposed slate was presented for the election of members of all boards and council at the Voters Meeting on Sunday, June 25 (for the July 2017 through June 2018 term.)

During May and June, as you are asked to serve on any Boards or on Council, prayerfully consider saying, "Yes - I will serve!" You may be asked to serve as:

  • President - Conducts and chairs all Board and Voters meetings for the congregation.
  • Vice-President - Assists the President in the above tasks
  • Secretary - Takes minutes at all congregational meetings
  • Treasurer - Paying church bills and keeping track of budgeted items
  • Financial Secretary, and Assistant Financial Secretary - Depositing and counting of church members' contributions
  • Councilmen-at-large - Assigned to various tasks by the congregation President

Or on the:

  • Board of Elders - Spiritual care of the congregation with the Pastor
  • Board of Education - Our Sunday School, VBS, LYF
  • School Board - Administering our TLC Parochial School
  • Board of Trustees - Care of our physical plant and property
  • Board of Stewardship - Financial planning and pledging for our time, treasure and talent
  • Board of Evangelism - Outreach and friendship visitation planning
  • Endowment Board - Administering our Endowment contributions and disbursements

Your congregation needs you and your unique abilities in service of our Lord. Join in the challenge and the satisfying awareness that you are involved in God's work in bringing the saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus before our lost and hurting world!

Contact Steve Favors, the president of the congregation at 826-3318.


Sunday June 25 12:00 noon
in the Fellowship Hall

  • Brief Bible devotion.
  • Board reports in written form and available for questions
  • Election of new board members and officers for 2017-2018.
  • The Hinners organ fund and the planned work schedule for when it will be installed in our sanctuary.

All communicant members at least 18 years old plan to attend this meeting. Let's have good attendance! This is a great way for you to participate in the life of your congregation and show support for your elected leaders. Also, this is a chance for you to be involved and active in our appointed tasks.

In addition this month, we elect new congregation officers for 2017-2018. When you are asked to serve on various boards or council, say "Yes, I will serve gladly and do my part in serving our Lord in this congregation!" We need each of us to do our part!

We also want to thank all of you who have served these past two years and want to acknowledge the work of the selfless service you've given us. We all serve through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and in love for one another but we still want to offer each of you a big, "thank you!"


June 1st, 11:00 am.

The guest speaker will be Dr. Michael Markham who, a year or so ago, had a popular presentation to our seniors on "electric fish." Dr. Markham is the Case-Hooper Associate Professor of Biology at OU. He will discuss how some scientific research projects might seem to be silly wastes of time and money, then consider several examples where projects like these led to unimaginable discoveries that have transformed human health and wellbeing. Bring a food dish to share!


Recently, members helped direct $1 million in Thrivent Financial Outreach funds among 10 national charities through the first-ever Thrivent Choice voting event. You may have participated in it.

Now, eligible benefit members can participate in Choice Dollars, the second part of Thrivent Choice. Through Choice Dollars, you can help choose where Thrivent Financial distributes part of its charitable funds among thousands of Lutheran Organizations, including our own congregation and school, Trinity.

Annually, as a Thrivent member you will be given Choice Dollars. If you don't use them each year, you lose them. It may not be many dollars but if we all take advantage of these assigned dollars and put them to work as soon as possible we can make a difference. Its all a part of good stewardship.

To assign your choice dollars simply go on line and visit: or call 1-800-847-4836 and say: "Thrivent Choice" and select the organization you want to receive your choice dollars. If you have any questions call Duane Brosowske at 527-7452.

What is Thrivent Choice?

Thrivent Choice Voting enables all Thrivent members age 16 and older to choose from a short list of national Lutheran and non-Lutheran organizations to share in $1 million of Thrivent Financial's charitable grant funds. The money is divided based on the percentage of votes each organization receives from members. The second Voting Event is currently underway.

Choice Dollars™ allows eligible members to help direct our grant funds to thousands of enrolled Lutheran organizations, such as schools, camps, seinaries, world ministries and local Lutheran congregations. Members eligible for Choice Dollars are notified through a letter from Thrivent Financial.

Members can check their program status and current available Choice Dollars at or by phone at 1-800-847-4836 (say "Thrivent Choice" at the prompt). For more information on Thrivent Choice, visit the Thrivent Choice website or talk to your Thrivent Financial representative.

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