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"In grateful response to God's grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacraments, the mission of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod is vigorously to make known the love of Christ by word and deed within our churches, communities, and the world." -LCMS Mission Statement

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Pastor David Nehrenz

From the Pastor
David Nehrenz

Rejoice in our Advent King , Christmas Savior and Epiphany Light - Jesus!

Advent, Christmas, New Year's and Epiphany. The Festival season is upon us! Let us rejoice and be merry! Another new Christian Church Year began on The First Sunday in Advent, was Nov. 30th

The theme for our Advent Wednesday Vespers Services and Christmas Services, is "Arise, O Christian People!" LSB 354 Jesus was born at Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, ministered in Galilee and Judea, was crucified, buried, raised and ascended at Jerusalem. Now he is preached in all the nations as the only Anointed Sacrifice acceptable to God the Father. Jesus is the Bridegroom, the Church is the Bride. We rejoice!

During Advent, use the Lutheran Hour Ministries Advent Devotional booklet entitled "Home for the Holidays!" as we prepare our hearts and minds for the celebration of the incarnation ("becoming flesh") of our Lord Jesus Christ in the womb of the virgin Mary. The message of Advent and Christmas is that God became a person in Jesus Christ, who was laid in a manger!

The flow of the new Church Year for this festival season is:

ADVENT Season - Nov. 30th through Dec. 24th

CHRISTMAS Season - Dec. 25th (Christmas) through Jan. 6th (Epiphany Day) (the 12 Days of Christmas)
(Note: This month we also remember those martyred for Jesus Christ:
St. Thomas Dec. 21st St.
Stephen Dec. 26th
St. John Dec. 27th
the Holy Innocents Dec. 28th )

EPIPHANY Season - begins on Tuesday Jan. 6th - Epiphany Day

The Light for the Jews and for us Gentile nations has come. May we reflect the light of Jesus Christ into our community, so that all may have the light of life in Him!

Merry Advent-tide, Christmas-joy and Epiphany-light!


Have this month's church calendar on your refrigerator and make note of the dates and times. Come to the Divine Service and receive God's gracious gifts with joy and exaltation!

We are also going Christmas Caroling on Sunday December 7th from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

In Christ Jesus,
Pastor Nehrenz

Vicar John Zimmerman

From the Vicar
John Zimmerman

Dear fellow redeemed,

Happy New Year! On November 30, we celebrated the First Sunday of Advent, which kicks off the new Church Year. The Church Year closed with end times teaching of Jesus' Second Coming to bring us to our eternal, never-ending heavenly home with Him. The new Church Year begins with focusing on the first coming of Jesus in His birth by the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, some 2000 years ago.

The Church Year keeps our focus on Christ Jesus and His saving, redemptive work. While it's good to celebrate with office parties, family gatherings and other festive events at this time, we Christians remember why Jesus came in the first place, to save us. We celebrate with great joy of His coming to save us by His sacrificial death on the Cross of Calvary. This is why the First Sunday of Advent's Gospel reading covers Jesus' Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. This isn't by accident. This assigned reading by the Lectionary committee keels on focus on the real reason for the season, Jesus coming to redeem His people.

As we launch into this new Church Year, we do pause and take note of our sins and repent of them. We know why Christ came. In His full and free forgiveness that He gives to us, we find true joy and peace. We can sing along to the Christmas songs on the radio. We also remember that there are 12 days of the Christmas Season, starting on December 25. While the stores are changing out their Christmas items for Super Bowl and Valentines Day, we in the Christian Church are enjoying the full Christmas season.

This changing of the seasons with the new year refocuses our attention and study on Jesus saving His people. Every year, we work on this cycle of Jesus' life from the Announciation of the angel to Mary, to Jesus growing up, to His earthly ministry and His Passion, death, resurrection and ascension. Ten days after His Ascension, the Day of Pentecost is celebrated. From that point on in the Church Year, we focus on our lives together with Christ at the center. As we relaunch into the study of Jesus' life on earth, this is a good time to refocus our own attention to what Jesus has done and continues to do for us. May we reflect His glory in our lives in our service to others and our walk together on this side of eternity. May your celebrations here at Trinity, in your workplaces and homes be joyous and festive.

Christ's Blessings and Peace be with you all!
Vicar John Zimmerman

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June 6, 2015
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